We have worked with some of the biggest names

Allsaints Retail

Allsaints Retail

We have created what we think is some amazing display furniture for Allsaints retail. From stools to display tables and mirrors to s hooks, Allsaints are a testament to the diversity of product we manufacture.

Pitcher and Piano

Pitcher and Piano

The stylish bar chain of Pitcher & Piano have locations all over the country. The interiors of all of their bars are finished to the highest standard and we pride ourselves in providing furniture and wall art for them.

Restaurants and Pubs

The Walkabout Bar & Restaurant

Walkabout loved their printed wooden tables

Pitcher & Piano

Filled with stylish wall art and furniture


Allsaints Retail

Industrial look display furniture for worldwide stores

Bank Fashion Clothing

Helping display Banks fashionable clothing

Aerospace Industry

Formrite Precision Engineering

Formrite precision engineering provide for the aerospace industry

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